Your Way The Simple Way

Angry, sadness, boredom, guilt, and many more self-defeating emotions. When experiencing any of these emotions just do a thing i.e. ask yourself a question. Are those which led to these emotions worth the credibility of my mental peace. If the answer is yes!, then just go ahead otherwise just put a full stop to those wandering thoughts which led to those emotions.

See things as they are. Not the way you want them to be!

Our minds always play various tricks on us. Making us over-excited sometimes or pulling us deep own for no reason. What should I do now? I think everyone is wise enough to choose the right way that can lead to the best possible outcome even though being in a difficult situation. Situations are often tough such is life too. Our duty is not to further complicate it. We must try to simplify difficult situations with wise choices.

Never feel helpless or victim because these emotions immobilize us by making us often take the wrong way. Tie up laces, dust your shoulder just keep running the life race.
The only person over whom you can have control is yourself.
Who said ignorance is bad. As Rumi said “the art of knowing is what to ignore!” Ignore things that don’t have the worth of your attention.

As I said above Making it simple, doesn’t mean it would be easy, and also not at all impossible. Though it may seem like a textbook example, trust me! The art once learned become your asset, once you learn it you own it. Then no way that any situation or person can take it from you. Let us not frame any emotions to be negative or bad, just let them in and get over them in an easier manner. There are N number of ways out there, let the way you choose be simple, and THE RIGHT WAY to you.

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