You are Missing Out Something if Books are not Your Friend

I still remember one of my friends asking me Oh God do you still read? What do you read? Exams and college days are already over. I just smiled and said there is a universe larger than those four-five so-called heavy college books. My intention here is not to disrespect the academic book.
I mean to say these are not only ” The books” that are meant to be read.

Books, Reading, Self-mentorship, positivity
A room without books is like a body without soul

As there is a saying if you had not yet started reading books then you have not found the correct one. Books can change your life completely. I can say this with all confidence since I have experienced it myself.
Books can wipe your tears, they can make you smile, they can sometimes make you cry, they can make you fly, they can make you travel an entirely different world being where ever you are

A single second spent reading something worthwhile never goes waste. ” Knowledge is power “, the power that can help us see things from a different perspective and be a better person. Nobody can convince an individual unless they have a self inclination towards something. It should always start within. Whatever one chooses either good or bad will leave a significant mark in life.

Books and reading could be part of such positive aspects which can make gain a better persuasion skill and an intellect. There are already millions of people have walked on this planet with great humility and wisdom. Reading them could be a lamp that is like a guide on a dark path.

While leading towards a life full of goals and ambitions just take a second pause and read something positive who knows you may find the road map towards your mission or gain wisdom to conquer your challenges.