World Health Day 2023: Health for all

I thought of penning down a few thoughts on the occasion of world health day 2023. Writing about health and its importance would be more relevant than anything else after post COVID-19 scenario. Whenever we speak about health the sudden phrase that comes to each of our minds is the famous proverb “Health is Wealth”. Any proverb that matters is just as meaningful as any proven research today. Our ancestors recorded their meaningful life lessons and wisdom in the form of proverbs and passed them on to the next generation. They made it very simple for all of us to get necessary life teachings through a few catchy phrases.

How and when did the celebration begin?

This year world health day 2023 is celebrated under the theme “Health for All”. WHO is a UN agency that works across the globe to promote health and make the world safe through various awareness activities. It was the WHO‘s world health assembly that decided celebrating world health day on April 7th on 1948 and it came into effect since 1950 . The matter of joy is, this is the 73rd world health day i.e 73 years of effort and selfless services offered by volunteers to various countries and people in need.

It’s about protecting the wealth

If you have read my previous blog “Too busy to care myself” I have mentioned about how we are ignoring health in the journey of chasing our aspirations. Let me remind you, unfortunately, many people across the world are suffering and fighting with different genetic disorders for no mistakes they have done. It’s high time for all of us irrespective of age, gender, and country to stop ignoring the wealth which we own.

Hence let us not ignore what we have. Few people may think comparing health to wealth is somewhat exaggeration. Absolutely not! Just take a moment to watch around and you would realize how lucky you are in many aspects which you have so far unnoticed. It’s just that you were looking at the only thing which is measured in terms of success, money, and fame and this is the reason often many feel unfortunate. The basic human quality is to aim high and dream big which is the driving force for mankind to succeed in life. But to put our health at stake and losing it would be the most foolish thing to do.

Remember we can buy medicines and treatments but not health. Caring for ourselves and the people around us can make the world a better place to live. Never compromise either the physical or mental health to gain something which is not at all worthy. There is nothing in this entire world that is worthier than one’s own life.

A step towards a healthier life

Let us not lose the precious gift that we all have, take time to walk a bit and breath in the fresh air, and cherish each moment with a smile on our faces. Simple steps make life beautiful, isn’t it?

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