Words that bloom the Flower

The magical ability of humans is that we can speak, express our feelings through Words! , which make us distinct from other creatures. When we have got something incredible it is left to us to use it properly.

We speak to communicate, to express our feelings, to console others, to exhibit our anger and for many such purposes. Most important question that we should ask ourselves is whether we are aware of what we talk?.

Words are most powerful thing, they are the reflection of our thoughts and mind set. We must decide whether our words must bloom flowers in the garden or burn entire forest into ashes. Hence they should be our strength, not weakness

Let us speak to create vibes of positivity by breaking the chain of negativity.

Let us speak to build good memories that make us smile, not bad memories that haunt.

Let us speak to bring back the lost smile on people’s face by wiping out the tears.

Let us speak the words of warmth to empower each other and lift from hardships.

Let us speak to keep up our self-respect, not EGO.

Let us speak when words are more meaningful than silence!.

Few times winning an argument may satisfy our ego, but the question is whether it is worth losing our cool by becoming negative. We should always remember it is not about winning or losing. We feel irritated or feel sad when people use inappropriate statements but that will not give us excuse to use same path. They get back what they own. People are responsible for what they say, why should we imitate them. We can’t justify being wrong by stating even others are the same way.

I often notice people just use words in generalized and in vague manner. The art of speaking is somewhere lost, the way of expressing feelings is being changing. Does we really listen to others in a conversation or busy framing our version to react, hurry to make our point by interrupting and breaking the flow.

I would like to share an experience that I had with my mother. She often choose to remain silent with negative people rather than replying, when I asked why? The most insightful and amazing answer I got from her was this, what people speak defines them. Let us not get into their sphere of negativity by replying to all those unworthy issues. No one can undermine us and no words of other’s has the power to make us feel insignificant. When we choose to speak it must serve the purpose, both the person in-front of us as well the words must have the worth. When it is not the case, ignoring and being silent are the best way to handle toxicity and get through such situations.

I realized those words she spoke were the reflection of her wisdom gained by experiences she had all these years. Her thoughts have moulded her silence weigh above words in certain situation. Life’s lessons are hidden everywhere , places we visit, people we meet, failures we face, challenges we come across , nature we are surrounded and many more. For this particular lesson I am very much grateful to her.

Yes those unworthy argument never define us. Those unworthy conversation can never take away our self-esteem, those silly comments by other can never undermine our self-worth. Once we realize this lesson, we get the clarity to handle any conversation. Words we speak are not the weapons used to defeat people rather they are the bridge used to connect people. Those who know how and where to use them are the wisest.

We need to prioritize how to respond to situation. The more we prioritize to be positive, the more we feel fulfilled. A worthy life is evolving and knowing who we are? we need not bear the burden of hatred and negativity on our shoulder. Life is a gift to live up-to its fullest meaning. Kind words can create positive impact on others as well as on our self. We must always remember one thing, we can control our thoughts, our words, not anybody else’s. Let us not become what we hate! One right step by not repeating the wrong thing that happened with us, make us “Win” against odds.

Persian poet Hafiz has said: THE WORDS YOU SPEAK BECOME THE HOUSE YOU LIVE IN. Let our house be filled with Empathy and Kindness. WE ARE WHAT WE SPEAK, I would like to repeat WE ARE WHAT WE SPEAK.

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