When People Have Nothing to Give

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Don’t worry that people didn’t give you the care and love that you deserved. People can’t give what they don’t have. You give all the love, respect, and care to others because you own it first to give to others.
So next time don’t get upset or sad when people disappoint you. Just have mercy and pray for them for more love and care they need more than anybody else.

Always remember never to seek things, just give what you have and it is backed by the law of the universe you will get it back!

“You get what you give”.

Never give hatred.
Never give jealousy.
Never give arrogance.
Never give disrespect.
Because you will get them all if not now but later for sure.

Let the goodness within us bloom and spread beyond reach.

Give respect.
Give love.
Give care.
Give empathy.
Give what you want in return.
You will get them all if not now but later for sure.

Let us fill the true essence of love, care, empathy, and inner peace in our hearts. Once we own them we need not do anything. It resonates automatically with everyone around us.

As final thoughts, we must remind ourselves it is not business to give and take. Give now you will get it, how? and when? is not your concern, the universe will decide it for you.

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