When People don’t Stand by Yourside

Do you always need someone to be by your side to feel worthy or confident? Not at all right! Caring and standing up for people whom we love could be a basic and nice gesture one can show towards the fellow being. Often people ask if is it ok when someone whom they consider to be their well-wisher or friend always has an excuse to put them down intentionally.

About them

This particular question made me think for while. Along with it, a few other questions flashed into my mind. What makes people lose their wisdom between right or wrong, real or fake, wisdom or ignorance, and fall upon their judgemental thoughts? Of course, they have their so-called valid reason for their action for being on the wrong side ( right according to them), and be confident in their action and words.

According to me the reason behind this would be their being self-centered. Put themselves first, their thinking first, their words first, and their perfect choice, irrespective of the emotion of other people. Maybe that is the path they intentionally choose and GOOD FOR THEM. Nothing in this entire universe is one way. Just a reminder to all of us. We all get back what we give sooner or later. As I said in one of my previous blogs when people have nothing to give.

” Few a times emotions are difficult to handle. Hence the bond between people too.”

About us

The first question to be answered, does someone’s behavior defines our personality or entire existence. No! Not always. Stop crying for acceptance or support from anybody around you who has disrespected people’s emotions, tears, and good intentions.

Take away from this kind of people or situation is, never to be like them. That’s it and intentionally never put a person in the place where you were before and suffered.

Unless you don’t change things get repeated and obviously, you suffer for no reason. Learn a new dimension of life so that irrespective of external circumstances you find the happiness and glory which you deserve the most.

Keep learning, Keep shining, and remember never to suffer for being a good soul. Keep smiling and spread your charm all around.

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