We Will Definitely Fly

An effort to keep ourselves moving each day through difficult phases of life will cover miles of journey unknowingly and that day we feel amazed for sure.

         I always wonder whenever see a tiny bird flapping its wings harder still finding it difficult  to move forward but through series of effort fly freely, effortlessly and swiftly. Life is all about a series of efforts that keep us moving and which keeps us alive!

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think

-AA Milne

A few days ago while enjoying the sight of blue sky and calm breeze during the evening I noticed a cheerful and inspiring event happening in the sky. A tiny baby bird flapping its wings and making an effort to fly but ending up rotating in the same place where it was. Firstly I felt pity for the bird, despite continuous hard work it was unable to move forward, but later I realized there is a hidden message for all of us to learn which is best suitable for the current situation. Even in our lives, we all come across a situation where we feel with all those hard work and dedication our efforts seem nothing, even ask ourselves was it all just a waste of effort ?. The answer is NO

Each situation that we come across, each difficulty that we overcome, and each moment of our life has something to say, it is left to us to hear it patiently and learn from them. We must never ever forget this learning phase is preparing all of us to fly high one day. Those initial efforts of the tiny bird which feel hard and which does not make it move a single step ahead are the rehearsal for its continuous miles of flight.
       If that tiny little bird had given up on its effort to move forward the day it started flying but could not move ahead, it would never become a swiftly flying beauty today. Nothing goes waste in our lives, it just adds value to us bit by bit. It’s better to make an effort by flapping our wings today rather than clipping them and regret in the future.

Life is all about evolving, moving a single step each day to complete a journey of thousand miles. We are free to choose between staying where we are while everybody around us is making an effort to move ahead or with courage starting to move a step each day. As each bird has its unique style and momentum of flight, let us just fly freely by not comparing ourselves to others. 

Let us all make an effort to fly today, tomorrow and till the day we are able to fly freely, that day we can proudly say to others, see I did it so YOU CAN. “Flap your wings to fly higher and higher, We all will definitely fly”.

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