True Essence of Freedom

Freedom, Fly high,

When we hear the word freedom often it sounds to be something critical or which is beyond our daily experience. The word Freedom contains the entire human universe their living, struggles, and history of ups and downs as a community as well as individuals. Freedom is not just to be free from others’ authoritative control it’s also the freedom to think, freedom to act, and freedom to be who you are.

Many a time a caged parrot is used to symbolically represent the absence of freedom. Golden cage, Oh Gold symbol of wealth, luxury, and prosperity. But for a parrot, the cage is a cage whether it is made of iron or gold. It’s just a prison for it. Which restricts its ability to fly high in the sky freely.

Same with us humans right? Just imagine you have given every luxury on this planet to eat, live, and rest. But you can’t step out of your perfectly designed heaven on the earth. Wait I will give you the most appropriate experience we all had a year back. During the Covid19 pandemic lockdown, we at one or the other moment felt Oh God When does it end? and I would just step out of my house and enjoy my life as I used to. Till then we never felt just roaming out also could be meant to be part of luxury.

Freedom, Fly high,
Have the courage to spread the wings and fly high freely.

The sense of lightness, the free feeling of being who you are and doing things that are close to your heart is no less than having a heavenly feeling.

Often humans try to control others not just in terms of creating barriers but also how they think by making them emotionally immobile. Is it the right thing to do? That is the question that needs to be answered by their conscience. The irony is often the sense of right or wrong, good or bad is used only to judge others not to check whether they as an individual are on the proper path.

The universal truth is nobody wants to be prisoned i.e to lose their freedom or be controlled by others but few humans want to be free from anybody’s control yet they want to control others. How fair it is?
Deciding others’ life by giving excuses such as it’s for the other person’s good? Do you let anybody make your life decision? No right! Then why do you do it for others? Show care and love by gifting them a true sense of freedom.

By curtailing others’ freedom we are not just chaining others, remember you are chaining yourself too, with them. Be free and let others be free. The world would be a better place if humans respect each other’s freedom and live in harmony. If you are free, you have the wings. Fly high and enjoy life and never forget to be thankful both for your wings and the sky.

To own freedom is the symbol of courage, not dominance.
To own freedom is the symbol of Self respect, not arrogance.
To own freedom is the symbol of life and Happiness.