Tree of Wisdom

There was a new branch that shoot out of a tree stem. It was young happy and off-course energetic too. It was very much proud of itself since it was self-sufficient to prepare food and send it to other parts of a tree. Day by Day its pride got into its head. A day with a strong storm where tree’s branches began to fall. The new little branch became worried and feared being cut down from the tree. Now other branches which were a bit older and were in that particular situation before came to rescue. They almost covered the new branch and told it to be flexible. The cute little branch was a bit confused about whether to be stiff or be flexible. What would have been your move if you were that little new branch?.

Be like a tree of wisdom, standing tall with all the life lessons and providing shade to many others. Spread Love. Never miss any opportunity to learn from others and grow.

It always surprises me when I see my grandparents and a few elderly people, the way they see life each day. As so-called modern-day kids, we are empowered with almost every luxury and comfort and we often either undermine the things we have or often get upset with life. When I started observing their words and the way reacted to the situation, it was with humor and smartness. They are not like few so-called graduates of today but they always have something to say about life, living, and health, surprisingly they are no less than any philosophers. We often tend to care less about what old people say. They are loaded with wisdom, the problem is either they fail to put it into proper words or we don’t have the interest to listen to them.

Normally we notice things that are hurtful, sad, negativity very faster. I don’t say these things don’t exist, they exist and we giving more and more attention amplifies them. The same is with positive life lessons. The more we attract positive aspects around us we become lighter, calm, and a learner.

Like the majority of people do, I also was very ignorant about old people’s advice, and honestly irritated often. But now it had been changed, when we change the way we look at things what we look at will change. As long we have, so-called pseudo-self-esteem we feel our experiences are only the ultimate truth and we are least bothered about others even though it may be positive a few times. I never say whatever they say makes sense, but I believe they say many things that make sense.

I know many people who have great judgments about others, especially those who are in their old age. They did this, they did that, they made the worst decisions all through their life and the funny thing is few people also expect them to change at this particular age by taking so-called their perfect aspects of being a person. I pity such people’s thoughts.

Let us learn from their mistakes and also from their wisdom. In the urge of criticizing and differentiating things into black and white let us not undermine their values and wisdom.
Coming back to my personal experience I have learned many things from them, the prime most are about health consciousness and the willpower to overcome obstacles. It’s always easy to criticize others, searching and appreciating the positive aspects of life is an art. Those who are not open to change never grow, because growth is nothing but an evolving process.

I have seen so-called intelligent people with medals and ranks, lack a basic common etiquette to behave with other people. Hence there is a saying ” Common sense prevails all other sense”. I call them the Intelligent disasters. As humans, we have a lot to learn each day and from each person, we come across.
How we treat others is reflection of who we are as an individual. So let us not be ignorant of others based on age and sometimes based on education qualification. Nobody is such a genius that they don’t have anything to learn from others. If anybody has such thought that they are learned enough such that they don’t need anybody’s advice or guidance in their life, such people are living in another world very far from reality.

Let us be like a tree of wisdom, spread love, care and empathy. Value people around us not because everybody deserves it, it’s because we have the spirit to attract positivity and radiate it where ever we are.