Too Busy to Care Myself

I often hear people saying that they are fully packed with daily work where there is no time to look after their physical as well as mental health.
Actually, the entire purpose of human existence is to experience the essence of life with a healthy body and mind. Never confuse it with any of the instant gratifications. It’s all about experiencing pleasure by living a life of ease i.e. without any “dis-ease”.

If you don’t have an answer to the above question, seriously then you are in the risk zone. Yes, you read it right. Inspite of all the daily efforts put to make your life better will not yield the best result due to your physical and mental exhaustion. The main point here is, What are we doing to care for ourselves? even though of owing all the professionals and personal status. It’s about keeping living inflow with nature irrespective of circumstances. The common answer is Oh I wish to exercise and consume healthy stuff but I don’t have time to do that. Do we mean what we say or it’s just an excuse or can be said as ignorance.

Exercise is the key not only to physical health but to peace of mind – Nelson Mandela

Without caring for yourself you can’t be happy with what so ever you may possess in life. Take a moment and ask yourself am I ok with what I am doing with my body and mind each day? Let us look at this from another perspective. We all have electronic appliances in our house right!. A few times we take care of them in such a way that they don’t have any issues in functioning by getting it regular servicing, while some other times we never give attention till they reach the stage where they need repair of damaged components once they break down.

It’s no nuclear physics we all know this simple logic, yet how many of us think the same with our body and mind which is more precious and perfect designed creation than any of the existing electronic devices.

Unable to give just 30 mins a day to care for yourself is similar to taking a loan each day which we have to return along with interest once our body breaks down whether physically or mentally. Remember each day spent caring for yourself can be said as a great investment than any other “so-called investment you are making today”, whose returns are unmatchable to any other materialistic things.

The greatest tragedy lies in following a risky lifestyle despite knowing its ill effects. Give your body and mind the deserved care and love. Be generous to them for bringing us where ever we are currently. There are millions of people out there who are suffering either physical or mental illness for no sin, hence a sense of gratitude towards a healthy being free from such illness.

I see many people out there who are very proud to say, I am too busy to care about myself. Never do that because it’s a disaster to mean even though knowing the worst consequences I may face, I am in no way concerned about my body and mind due to my lifestyle today and I take my health for granted.

Take a deep breath, have a smile, and say I love my body and mind and I give them the care and time they need each day irrespective of my daily schedule. If we care for them they care for us! it’s simple.

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