Read the days, not just count them

Life is a mission. Mission towards happiness, prosperity, peace, contentment, and love. To accomplish these missions each of us has subtasks to be done. We, humans, are the smartest creature of nature. We analyze, we calculate, we plan and we get things done at our convenience. We create the path that is required for our journey and few a times we walk others’ paths too.

Let us go back to our school days. It’s all of our school day habits to count the number of days for exams or count the holidays left out, it all started from there. Then count the number of hours remaining to reach some destination etc. What relevance does it have to the article I am writing? As I said in the title, we have already learned to count the day. Now it is all about reading them.

When we used to write the exam the last ten minutes were said to be the most challenging one. Why so? Because our minds looked at the ticking clock and that stress distracted us to focus on writing it. It always creates desperation to complete the task and makes us lose focus.

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As Henry Ford said “Anyone who keeps learning stays young”

Just being in the current moment one can experience the maximum outcome with the best possible experience. Be in that moment and read them. Learn what it is trying to teach. When one learns the art of reading the experience they could be the best lighthouse to guide the ships in the darkest ocean. Read each day and learn from it.

It’s just simple. All those good experiences were the sign that you were on the correct path. All bad experiences are the lifeguards that you could learn from it and avoid getting hit by a disastrous storm ahead.

Each learning makes you wiser day by day and “The Final Day” or the day you were waiting for, seems much more pleasant and beautiful than ever before. Think this way rather than just wasting the time or running against the time will make you stressed and restless. Practice the art of reading each day, each moment of life to make it much more joyful