Be a Writer: Pen, Paper, and Self

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As I said in one of my previous blogs my writing journey started a couple of years ago just scribbling my joy and sorrow and what I felt during certain circumstances. 

Happiness, sadness, tears, anger, guilt, regret, and wise thoughts all of them were on paper. They all reflected my emotions at a particular time. When I re-read them once in a while it was just time travel. They made lot of sense once I read them.

To make it short, it was a written record of my emotional journey. Many of my readers ask me how come you write things so simple with a lot of insights into them. My answer is it was those small writing habits that made me start my journey as a writer. I am very much happy that I wrote them.

Why Should You Write?

I just spoke about how I cultivated my writing habit. But I Will tell you all, Why you should begin writing. Yes, YOU! 

I’m not kidding I just insist everybody at least scribble their thoughts once in a while. It would help to structure our personalities by monitoring our responses to various situations.

I know your only response to this would be are you kidding? It’s hard I could make time to relax and time for writing No way. Read my previous article too busy to care myself about time and self-care.

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Writing Way to Relax Oneself

Its Scientifically proven that brain synchronizing activities can help you improve mental health and writing is one such activity. If you are searching for ways to relax it’s simple its just pen, paper, and you

In the beginning, it seems silly to open a book and sit in a corner to write. But trust me they can turn the table around once it’s time. Spending 2 to 3 minutes of precious time on valuable things is far better than randomly wasting for it on energy-draining stuff for no good reason.

Be a caretaker. Caretaker of yourself and the people around you. 

Think about it!

Small things we do care about ourselves have a greater impact on our life. Why second thoughts? Our refined recorded thoughts are our counselor in times of need. 

“Be a writer”

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