Optical Illusion: Find Out the Hidden Creature

optical illusion, Frog, Amphibian

Often we came across optical illusion pictures posted on social media to spot animals in them and state if you find it within a few seconds your IQ is more than others. I first thought those are photoshopped, because how come one gets such a perfect photo such that the background exactly matched with the creature and it would be difficult to differentiate the difference between them?
Guess what? I got one such photo yesterday clicked by my brother while roaming on the farm.

What is an Optical illusion?

The image which I have used in this post is an example of an illustration of an optical illusion. An optical illusion is a visual stimulus that the eyes pick up on and the brain interprets differently from how it would in actual reality.

Nature is the supreme creator of millions of wonders, can you find one of such hidden wonders in the picture? If yes do comment what creature you found

What causes this to occur?

The brain assembles a “complete” picture out of its drive to characterize reality in terms of straightforward, recognizable objects. However, it makes its version of the image to understand it based on other images it has already seen; in this case, it produces only mud.

Just Keep cherishing various faces of nature. It will take us to an entirely different world and also they have all the power in this universe to make you who you are. Just click those precious moments and share them with others and inspire them to connect with nature. As I said in one of my articles Nature is the true healer.

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