Never put the sword down until the War is Over

Who is called Warrior? Does the victory or failure give them the name Warriors, NO? Warrior is an attitude to fight till the end no matter what obstracles may come along the way. Never decide the result in your mind until it ends. You may never know what course it takes since it is also a time game often. Until we hold the weapon we have the chance to win. Just accepting defeat before the battle and putting the sword down will make you a loser not only on the field but also the loser of mind.

War is a collective set of battles. The results are just learnings to the next one. The same can be applied to life also. A single setback can never decide our entire destiny. Think this way, each time something goes out of your way, it’s just a lesson. The more we try, the more we learn and to learn more is to live life in a much more meaningful way.

War I referred to here is not the war that fought for the sake of power and possession. War is a metaphor for the internal battles we all go through. The Sword I am referring to here is the mental ability to deal with situations of life. The more we train our mind to handle situations in an appropriate manner is much more similar to a warrior practicing grip over his sword and this is skill and skills are personal assets acquired through series of practice, dedication, and discipline.

Life by itself is a wonderful journey, never remove its original essence by making it unworthy by your words and action and then again search for the meaning of life. It could be the most stupid thing one can do towards them.

We humans are always powerful being irrespective of the situations. We all have the inbuilt attitude of a fighter within us, the only issue is to sit for a while with ourselves and discover it. Never give away the sword you own and then search for weapons to fight the life situation. Remember one thing a person who is fighting the battle, always has an edge over the person who had already accepted the defeat and left the field. Learn the skill to use the inbuilt power by taming the mind to focus at present and trust me that skill will save you and make you a Warrior and then definitely a winner.