#NatureSpeaks: self-worth

I was just brainstorming for a couple of days about what to write next. At the same time, I just came across a picture I captured a couple of years ago and that’s it. I got something meaningful to share with you all. Are you wondering what would be the picture all about? Here it is, a peacock feather lying between a junk of small wooden pieces. What is so special about that? The lesson of self-worth and a lesson of beauty hidden in oneself irrespective of time and space

peacock feather
The beauty of never losing the self

We often fear that when surrounded by toxic and negative people we may borrow their behavior knowingly or unknowingly. This can either be true or false based on what we are made up of as an individual. If a person has a strong personality with self-worth, self-respect, and human values such as love, care, and empathy he/she does not need any validation from others to be special or valuable. People who are insecure and full of self-doubt always need praiser around to feel confident and worthy. They always need someone by their side to feel worthy enough.

Be worthy enough

Make yourself so strong and worthy that irrespective of the people you are surrounded by and the place, you are always confident and never lose the true essence. One should make themselves worthy and feel it from the bottom of the heart rather than feeling lost or unworthy due to external circumstances. As famously said a picture says a thousand words similarly this particular picture had a hidden lesson for life. Likewise, if you have read my previous blog Nature the true healer you would be familiar with the positivity nature sends us and keep us connected with them through its invisible and unheard voice. 

Escape the trap and never undermine the self-worth

There would be a group of people always trying to pull you down to their level and make you lesser and weak. There would always be situations that will shake you to the core and test all your potential of being a true fighter. Never get into the trap, just be “You”. 

You with self-worth.

You with endurance.

You with patience.

You with empathy.

You with human values.

You with all the positivity.

You with the true essence of who you really are.


You with a wide smile on your face ready to face life as it comes.

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