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Have you ever tried to connect to Nature? If not YES, you are missing out on something. Plants, Landscapes, Animals, and in general the physical world we live collectively are called Nature. Actually what is NATURE for all of US is how we see them and feel the sense of pleasure in our heart. The view of Nature in the eyes of scientists is different from that of poets. 

Often it is said sky, mountains, birds, animals, sun, moon ……… a huge list right! We all know it, then what is more special about them. Seeing something is too different than feeling it. When we start connecting to them, we get WORLD’S BEST CONSOLER as well THE BEST FRIEND FOREVER.

We start hearing the sounds that were not yet heard before, we see the light that shines everything, the silence of darkness. They all already exist and in one or the other form, we are surrounded by them the irony is we give less attention to it and very rarely admire it.

Nature “CARES”, our greatest consoler in the time of despair and loneliness. They are the source of HOPEOPTIMISMPOSITIVITY, and WISDOM. It has been the ultimate healer, through giving warmth and refuge to each one of us, whenever we feel run out of energy, whenever we feel lonely, whenever we feel cheated, whenever we feel to give up, whenever we feel there is no way ahead.



SKY: Look up here I am, vast blue sky with no limit just spread out in all directions. I am present where ever you go, always with you. Just know one thing you are not alone. I am always there for you reminding you of all the unlimited possibilities to thrive.

MOUNTAINS: Here I stand mighty, tall and Rocky Mountain, it had been thousands of years to become who I am now, you heard me right Thousand of years! I know how it feels to wait for something for too long, too hard!. Don’t worry hold on to yourself everything takes its own time to get it done. JUST HOLD ON as I did.

Water: Jumping and roaring I know to find my way. I can fit to whatever shape I am put to. I think you already got what I am saying. Be who you are and also little flexible to fit into whichever challenges you are put to, always be in search of the way as I do. I find my way easily and I feel even you can.

Ocean: You know me right. I am being frequently fed by rivers, but still remain composed and know how to maintain my level. Whatever you may get in your life consume them and try to stay in balance like me

Stars: Twinkling in dark. We make the most beautiful site most of them loved to watch US, how far we may be we still appear and our presence is felt. Be like us, “a star” to someone. Even in the dark a sense of love.

Sun: Sun Light is the BEST disinfectant, people say a lot about me. I burn Myself, you heard me right! I burn myself and light up the world. Remember one thing the battle going inside you will always make you strong. I am SUN since I burn.  

Moon: People say I am not bright as SUN and few even say that the light I have is also not mine, I get it from the sun. I JUST SMILE whenever I hear it. Anyways I am not yet all bothered about WHAT THEY SAY. I am happy that my presence lights up paths for many during the night. Remember! One can give what they have. What I say is don’t worry about things that you don’t possess. Be like me don’t ever compare yourself to others just keep smiling. I do it, hence I am beautiful. 

Trees: Green, Green, Green………My presence makes places pleasant and calm, I give people the air they breathe, Shelter to birds, shade to many. I just know to give. Hey, even I enjoy myself !. I wash away the dust in rain, shine in the sunlight, and dance to the rhythm of the wind.

Bees: Do you ever felt cheated by others, not as much as we Bees……..! Many a time people steal our effort within no time. It is not that we don’t get hurt, we do. But we never STOP! We just do our work, again and again, no matter how much time it may require. Anyway, they can steal the honey made by us, but not the skill that we have right! We are very much happy about that.

These are just a few of Nature Talks…..Try to listen to them, they have much to say and we have much to learn from them. 
They all teach US one thing in common, to DO what WE CAN and GIVE what WE HAVE. Now is there any point in feeling left out and helpless?.

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