Magical Clouds

We all have the habit of watching the sky at night and enjoying the twinkling stars, yes it’s the Most Beautiful view. Observing the sky during the daytime is Something Special. It’s unable to express in words

The Wind brings clouds where they are meant to pore the water droplets. This water washout the dust and make green plants sparkle in the sunlight. It’s mesmerizing to watch clouds merge with each other. They are the carrier of Magical Sprinkler that heals and fulfill the thirst of the ground.

Everything in this nature has its role and each one of them is irreplaceable, like clouds, winds, light, plants, birds, running streams and the list goes on. Most of the time ‘black color’ is associated with negativity but the “Beauty of Nature” makes black clouds most magical as well as precious.

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13 thoughts on “Magical Clouds

  1. The description of the magical colud article is mind blowing.your picturisation and thinking toward nature are nicely described.your journal about magical sprinkler ,and beauty of nature are awesome…
    Keep it up anu.all the best.
    Looking forward for your next articles.👍

  2. A photo is art. You can’t describe the nature by words but it’s really great effort with the comments & the beautiful pic.. Great work good going keep it up 👏

  3. Black cloud only offers rain and has utility value. The write up started with aesthetics and ended with utility. Apt timing and a nice thought for the context of ‘black lives matter’. Write more.