Love for Imperfect Things

love for imperfection, flower

I thought of sharing a story, the story of imperfection that I read in the book Ichigo Ichie. The story narrated was an Indian folk line that reflected the idea of love for oneself the way they are. Without wasting much time let us jump into the story. The story is all about a man who was a water carrier whose job was to deliver a certain quantity of water each day for household usage and he was paid for his service.

Man and the pot

He had two pots tied to a long wooden stick and carried the over his shoulder. Among the two pots used to carry water, one was perfect and delivered the full amount of water filled to it while the other was cracked. The cracked pot could only retain half of the filled water till it reached the actual place to be filled.

One day the broken pot felt sad about itself since it could not deliver its full service to the master as the perfect pot did. It decided to talk to the man. It asked in a low depressed voice, why you are still using me instead of throwing me out since I am cracked and unable to retain water as the other pot did? It continued ” You also get only half of the amount for your service since you are using me, don’t you think your effort is been wasted because of me”.

There is a hidden beauty in things which are broken. They have a story to cherish…….. Their imperfection has something to say

The man with golden heart

The man with a gentle smile on his face replied, ” have you noticed the garden grown by your side and aren’t you happy”. Pot turn back and noticed the garden for the first time and was surprised it said: ” oh it’s very beautiful and gives peace and calmness”. Further adding it said ” these flowers are pretty( it smiled after a very long time)

Just remembering the conversation it started in the beginning asked, why are you asking this to me now just answer my question why are you using me. Man answered, ” I always knew you were cracked hence I planted a few seeds on your side and you unknowingly watered them daily by making it such a beautiful garden today”. It all happened since you were cracked otherwise we would walk through a desert daily.

This short story gives a valuable lesson about not hiding or feeling insecure about our flaws and most importantly not comparing ourselves with others it has nothing to do with our self-worth.

Let go of imperfection and never forget the garden

Everybody has their unique way of contributing to this universe and the truth is it can’t be measured using a single measuring scale. Enjoy the way you are and never feel about the imperfection as it is famously said ” Each of us has our unique stories and these stories are not comparable, so never feel insecure about them”.

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