Let us be aware of what we enjoy

Normally when we ask somebody what do they enjoy the most? there comes a variety of answers. It could be a long drive, singing, playing guitar, painting, gardening, conversing with beloved ones, partying, alone time, reading books, shopping, and it is a never-ending list.

cup of tea, nature , enjoyment, joy, selflove
According to me enjoyment can be a cup of Tea and Nature!

The answer quoted above are common and they can be said loudly because it has nothing to do about other people. I have observed few people’s enjoy list is bit different. They enjoy someone’s downfall, enjoy insulting other people, enjoy gossiping, enjoy people crying, and the list goes on. Generally, It can be said that few enjoy people’s bad time and also wish bad for others.

Even though they don’t verbally say they enjoy such things their actions and gesture speak out loud. I know you may be already getting faces of such people with negative mindsets while reading this.
Hold on! how many of us have asked the question, Do I enjoy such things? Just take a second and think about it.

Based on human psychology its common when we consider ourselves ” am I right or wrong” We have many justified reasons to be right as well as wrong. The irony is, for others we feel what they did is wrong, they could have done it differently.

It’s time to introspect If I don’t enjoy such a dark mindset but do I still support ? We can’t control others’ words, but can control our minds and ears right? As said by some wise person.
We become what we hear,
We become what we think,
We become what we speak,
So be mindful while making the choice.

Let us practice things that are good to us as well as others too. As I said in one of my blog Words that bloom flower start with kind words then extend them to action and finally to the entire personality.
Never get into a trap by convincing yourself it’s okay to have such a toxic mindset because someone once has treated me bad. Hence I have all rights to do so. You would be familiar with this if you have read my previous writeup When people have nothing to give.

Enjoy things that are good for your soul and the greater good of others.

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2 thoughts on “Let us be aware of what we enjoy

  1. Good introspective read Anu. I also liked the way you have referenced your own articles for giving more context and there by encouraging the readers with more food for thought!