If You Wish to have Other’s Life, You Wish to Own their Battles too.

Few people say comparison is a kind of motivation to thrive better in life which is considered as right. These comparison majority of the time make people feel worthless and weak and suppress individual strength despite having a lot of things to celebrate.

It all started from a kid who feels unhappy from seeing friends’ colorful toy that is more exciting and vibrant than its toy, to a grown-up adult feeling insecure due to others’ success and possessions. Then wish to have the life of the other person whom they considered happy.

No individual on this planet is free from struggles, internal battles, nightmares, breakdowns, setbacks, and invisible tears. Everybody own all these along with the vibrant smiling face.

The Goals and Dreams we work hard to achieve must be solely ours it should not be a copy of someone else’s. When we see someone thriving in their field it’s just a restricted view only.
The view of Happiness.
The view of a series of Successes.
The view of ever Smiling face.
The view of Colorful celebrations.
The view of Peace.
The view of Luxury.

I repeat these are not the entire view of their life. There is more than just what we see.

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Different color of roses own their unique grace along with their thorns. No rose is free from thorns.

Just curbing ourselves and feeling bad by giving a reason the person whom you think the undeserving getting all they want. I would like to say it would be wrong to rely upon this type of thinking. We are in no way qualified judges to gauge someone’s worth.

As an individual, each of us has our own ups’ and downs’ in different phases of life and also have our way to handle them. Never compare your low phase with someone else’s up phase and the same is with the other way round. It would be the worst insult that you can make to yourself.

Own life for both bright and dark phases. Just discard the feeling of imagining yourself living someone else life. Carve out the rock standing tall as an obstacle in your path and just keep walking towards your destination instead of dreaming about being in some other place at that time.

Walk the path of honesty, kindness, compassion, and hard work. We get a life full of peace and love.

If you still wish to have the life of a few people around you filled with light and calm then sadly you are wishing to own their battles too which may be harder than all of those small battles you are facing currently.

As I said in my previous article Your way the simple way, our job is not to complicate or insult the life we have. It’s all about choosing a way, working for it, and getting what is wanted. Meanwhile never forget to take a break in between and cherish the essence of life and thank all the minute things which have bought us to the place where we are because we are meant to be here!

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