Have you heard about Climate Change? 

The earth we all are living in today is a product of a series of evolutionary processes. As the human population increases the need and dependency on nature also increases. As per climate activists and environmentalists, the negative impact of human activities on nature to fulfill the growing needs is the main cause of climate change. The most discussed topic currently is climate change, which is a common man’s issue in both social and economic aspects. Yes, the natural phenomenon has fastened with a disastrous effect on human life.

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You need not lose it completely to know its worth. Cherish it and let it thrive.

Through tremendous research and studies, scientists have so far made a systematic blueprint to work upon. When it comes to environmental issues the responsibility to address climate change lies with every individual and it is our duty too. Each year global summit has been organized in the name of COP to plan the action that has to be taken to address climate change.

The rate at which tropical rainforests are cut down, the ocean resources overexploited, air and water pollution, and groundwater depletion are in a fast phase. The melting glaciers, floods, shrinking of lakes and coastal areas, frequent forest fire, uncontrolled use of genetically modified crops, and many more events are making many people homeless making them climate refugees. There is no doubt that every person is knowingly or unknowingly affected by climate change.

When we hear the word climate change it sounds like something huge and beyond our control, but it’s not true. Staying at home, working in the office, and studying in colleges irrespective of our social position and roles, we all have a significant role to play in addressing climate change. There was a study saying that the lung size of kids born in particular industrial areas could be decreased due to prolonged exposure to air pollution. This is just one example, there are many hazardous effects on innocent people who are not even the cause of it.

Many bird species are disappearing because of unable to adapt to changing climate and according to a study, recently a species of rodent from Australia was identified as one of the first animals to become extinct due to climate change.

Information is moving at a faster speed than ever before, educating people about climate change and involving them in action from where ever they are, can be one of the boons of technology. Numbers and data may not be understood by every person but when they are narrated in the form of events and stories people tend to connect to them, which become easy to make them know about things around them.

There is a saying “pen is mightier than the sword” you may be thinking how relevant that could be here, yes it’s relevant writing about climate change, speaking about it and spreading information can be the first successful step in initiating action against climate change.

Encouraging recycling and reusing resources can decrease the stress of dependency on nature. Sustainable planning of cities, using organic crops, and reducing the use of single-use plastic can be steps leading to rebuilding nature. Let us take up our sole responsibility of being humans on this planet and protect our mother Earth.

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