Fetch Water at Your Own Risk

Just thought of sharing an insight into the article I read 2 years back. It just flashed to my mind this evening when our friends were discussing water scarcity. Do you measure the water that you drink each day? Do you wait for a particular time to store water for your daily use? Do you lose your cool regarding water management at your house? If your answer is No, then you have a blessed life.

Are you thinking is she crazy how come water is a blessing? wait I will tell you about the article I have read which made me feel blessed hence I hope even you feel so.

It was a village on the river bank, the people of that village risked their lives each day just to get a single pot of water. Yes, a single pot of water. From a 5-year-old kid to a 60-year-old elderly person carried a pot in one hand and a long stick in the other.

picture: The Hindu Newspaper

If you asked why,” Take the stick, if you feel still water check for crocodile” yes, this was answer given by one of the villager who came to fetch water daily. Just imagine any of us walking 5 k.m. daily risking our life just to fetch a single pot of water that could be finished within no time. This is the reason why I said we all have a blessed life. They had a reason to risk their life saying ” of course, my heart quakes in fear. But it is a better option than dying of thirst”.

We often feel like we have all the struggles in our life despite having more reasons to be grateful. From now on just think of the crocodile and the stick before just wasting the precious drops of water in your daily activities.

Let us teach kids to value the luxury they have i.e. accessibility to water whenever they want, by showing the stories of water scarcity. Luxury need not always be those fancy lifestyles. Luxury can be a glass of clean water to drink and breathe a breeze of fresh air.

Each day world leaders are discussing to address various environmental issues. But water scarcity is also an attitude problem that needs to be addressed by everybody. Let us use it sustainably so that the future generation can follow our legacy to care for mother nature.

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