We can be our mentor by self-evaluating our actions and response that we make in our day to day life. To do so we must first accept the fact we are humans and often commit mistakes. Being open to criticism and accepting wrongdoings will definitely mold us into a better person.

Here are a few questions that we rarely ask ourselves, they are:

  1. How well I know myself, do I really give sufficient time to think about self-growth?
  2. Running behind what? Do I know where I am leading to?
  3. Do I really even think? If yes, then about What?
  4. I have plenty of important works to be done each day? Is caring for my health is one among all those important work.
  5. Have I ever used my time to wipe someone’s tears and said to them I am there for you? Do I bother or care about people around me?
  6. Judging people for their actions is easy. Do I ever judged others and not liked to be judged by others. How fair is that?   
  7. I never like it when some-one shout at me, Do I shout at others and consider it as not a big deal.
  8. I, Me,….. etc. the reference I always make, don’t they make me arrogant many times?
  9. I am the winner today. Have I ever remembered those who were with me when I was low and stood by my side? Is it fair not to be thankful to them?
  10. By pointing out other’s mistakes whether I help them to correct it or I do it just to make them feel wrong and inferior.
  11. People are not fair sometimes, does that means even I do the same with them. How can I say a behavior exhibited by others not acceptable and when I do it have my own reasons to justify.
  12. Yes, people behave stupidly often, Is that right to bear the burden of other’s misbehavior on our mind by thinking about it repeatedly. I will let them free to free myself from negativity.
  13. I have mountains to move, challenges to overcome, and a lot more in my life. People around me are also going through their own battles so am I kind towards them?
  14. Why all bad things happen to only to me? Is it ok to play the role of a victim of circumstance or am I wise to identify my wrong pattern of response to those circumstances that are leading to same negative results?
  15. Since I grow each day, am I humble than yesterday? It would be ok to be confident but not arrogant.
  16. Have I ever felt about matters that must change in others, so that they become better… so nice of myself? Why I forget about things that I must change in myself to be a better human.

These are just a few questions that we can ask ourselves to mold our personality. Once we start thinking we may come across plenty of such questions but the patience to listen to our inner voice is an art that we all must practice. In life it is not a single moment that creates the miracle in our behavior, it is a series of processes to self refine which includes efforts each day. We listen to others, let us take some amount of time in our daily schedule to listen to our own self, which is always eagerly waiting to say many things to us that can definitely solve many of our problems. The light which is hidden inside us will definitely bring us out from the darkness of arrogance, anger, ego, ignorance, sadness, etc, and will lead to a simple yet confident and happy life for sure.

7 thoughts on “Evolve

      1. Good. Introspection and soliciting criticism are the two rails over which the train of growth can run.