#Earth hour: Off the lights and ON your mind

Today 25th March 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. (local time) nations across the world participate in earth hour by switching off the lights of houses and offices for 1 hour

Why it’s significant?

For decades the population growth and the dependency of humans on mother nature have been rapidly increasing. Hence to address various environmental issues activists and global leaders across the world came up with the idea of practicing earth hour each year to bring awareness among people across the corners of the world. It was started in the year 2007 by WWF to motivate people in saving nature and addressing environmental challenges such as climate change which I have mentioned in my previous blogs.

Does switching off lights for an hour make any difference?

I have heard many people asking, what just an hour can impact. It’s been a valid question though, it’s asked in a very ignorant and sarcastic manner. Here is the answer for all such individuals. To create a positive impact the stepping stone is to change the attitude towards mother nature. One needs to give up such arrogance of carelessness, and also the behavior of passing the blame towards major issues.

An hour of participation is all about contributing time and thoughts toward a better tomorrow. Hence it’s not just an hour but an hour to sit back and think about the surroundings and mother nature for while. Global forums like UNEP and WWF can only succeed when people actively participate in bringing positive and sustainable changes to society.

Join hands for a better tomorrow for us and for the generations to come. It’s never too late to care for the planet and for the only planet humans have!

Earth hour

An hour to think.
An hour to act.
An hour dedicated to mother nature.
An hour and don’t let it just go away by doing nothing.

If you missed participating in earth hour this year, make a reminder for the coming year just like the birthdays and anniversaries of your close ones. Remember mother earth cares a lot which often gets ignored and the time has come to care for her and for ourselves too.

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