Eagle the symbol of Courage

There will always be someone who can’t see your worth.

Don’t let it be you.

Majority of our childhood moral stories include animals and birds as characters. We remember few such stories even today. You may be thinking why I am reminding now because I am here to tell you one of such story that got into my mind just by simple observation, the story of “Crow and the Eagle”. Let’s start, you will know what this story all about.

Each bird has it’s unique characteristics. When we speak about Eagle they are associated with courage and sharp sight. Regarding power, it can beat majority of the birds. Crow being unique in it’s own way is average with respect to power. Tussle between Eagle VS Crow, it’s the Eagle that Wins, right?, have you ever thought can it be the other way also, I will tell you how.

Having my evening cup of tea I was enjoying the site of sky full of clouds floating freely, birds flying back to their nest. Suddenly my attention shifted to an eagle which reversed it’s flight and took shelter on nearby coconut tree. Couple of times it flapped its wings to fly but again went back to the place where it was sitting. By noticing this I thought it may be injured, so it is unable to fly. With more curiosity I stood there for a while to observe the effort of eagle and how it would fly again. After few minutes I came to know there is someone in this picture I was not paying attention, Yes you are right, its crow.

When I started paying attention towards what was going on, I noticed a strange thing, guess what? Crow was chasing Eagle and Eagle took shelter on tree. I don’t know how many of you have already seen this, but for me it was first time to witness such unusual thing. Can we ever think Eagle getting scared of crow and taking shelter.

This incident made me think again and again, Eagle VS Crow Who will win? Its Eagle Right! but not always. When does Crow win, when eagle refuse to attack back. Now I started realizing about the Eagle and crow that resides inside each of us. They symbolize courage and fear with in us.

We all have dreams, goals and plans to be fulfilled. We feel we are unstoppable and possess all the ability to achieve whatever we want to. Absolutely true!. This is the Eagle with in us, the most powerful and most courageous. Next comes the phase of risk analysis, the negative thoughts, such as what if I am unable to do it? Am I capable of doing it? What if I fail? What people think about me? What if people judge me? etc. Fear of criticism and negativity, Crow inside us start to attack our real potential and confidence.

If we let the crow overtake and win over Eagle, we start convincing ourselves how incapable we are and feel weak as well as powerless, which is not at all true. These false assumption is the dead end to all our positive thinking. If the Eagle just once try to attack back, it make it’s way to win. Remember Eagle Can’t loss. Embrace the Eagle inside you, keep reminding yourself you can’t run away by ignoring your potential. Don’t ever lose a winning battle.

Eagle gets tiered often that does not means it has given up. It take time to gather all it’s potential and then the battle is won. We often undermine our true potential, convince ourselves we are incapable of handling things, this is like accepting defeat before getting in to the battle. The battle that is fought then lost is more worth than the defeat accepted without fighting.

Whenever you feel you are weak just remind yourself again and again until you get convinced,

I am powerful than all those helpless moments,

I am powerful than all those negative vibes,

I am powerful than all those toxic people who judge me.

I am powerful than all those who think I am weak.

I am “The Eagle”.

Attitude that we have towards challenges have the ability to convert them into opportunities. We just need to give time to ourselves, explore our true potential and work towards realizing it. Keep reminding yourself you can’t be defeated by fear and negativity. Because you are the Eagle and Eagle is “Symbol of Courage”.

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