Break the Chain

A Giant animal is sometimes referred as Einstein of animal kingdom, the elephant, with huge physique, small eyes, and sharp memory. If you have visited the zoo, elephant camps, or temples you notice them with chained legs. Why? So that they can not move out of the fixed boundaries.

The first thought when I saw this was, how come it is possible to chain such a muscular animal with such not so strong iron chain, which in no way matches the elephant’s strength? When I asked this question, the answer given by one of the trainers was, that it is the first step to taming an elephant since its birth. It’s a psychological game to mask its true potential.

At a young age, those chains are enough to hold them. But as they grow older elephants starts believing that those particular chain cann’t let them move freely. Hence they never try to break it. The main purpose to chain them is to attack their belief system.

Similar to this how many of us cling to the thoughts which pull us down and overshadow our true potential? Once failed by trying something hence never try at all.

We humans have such immobilizing thoughts or fearful emotions holding us back. Those negative thoughts make us feel tiny against the gaint illusion of negative belief of feeling weak and disabled which I have also written in one of my articles Eagle the symbol of courage.

Just Break those Chain and set yourself free.

Just Break the chain,
The chain of Fear,
The chain of Anger,
The chain of Low self-esteem,
The chain of Guilt,
The chain of Negativity,
The chain of Ego,
The chain of Insecurity,
The chain of Ignorance,
The chain of Arrogance,
The chain of Failure,
The chain that put you down,

Never let any of this chain ruin your potential to be the better version of yourself. Be free to walk your way and choose your Path to reach the place you are meant to be. Never let the chain stop you from being yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Break the Chain

  1. Nicely Written Anu. keep up the good work. I liked your blog “To busy to care myself” and “Read the days not just count them”.
    Waiting for your next blog.