Be that Pleasant Voice

Self appraisal is the best appraisal! right. We often listen to this quote to boost one’s confidence and enhance our self-esteem. But everything has its exception. As humans, we tend to generalize things into extremes like good-bad, black-white, etc.

Being confident about our knowledge makes us feel worthy. But boasting about it would make individuals egoistic and arrogant. We all know about Stephen Hawking the man who proved willpower and optimism can make one leap over the hurdles of life. Being considered one of the topmost scientists of all time he said ” People who boast their IQ are losers“.

Hawking’s scientific research is beyond everybody’s perception. He never spoke about himself or boasted about his struggle or intelligence. He never addressed himself as an individual, he always spoke about the community he belongs “The group of scientists”. His quote clearly says an self obsessed person even with a high IQ is not considered a winner irrespective of his social status and success.

As you grow with time you evolve. These processes make you wise as well as humble. Intelligence is a measure of a person’s reasoning ability. But it need not measure how great you are as a human being. It’s always our intelligence along with the way we behave, we speak, and the way we treat people that decides who we are.

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The Tree laden with fruits always bends low. If you want to be great, be lowly and meek : Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Here I would like to quote a famous proverb that is similar to what Stephen Hawking said, “An empty vessel makes more noise“. Let us not be that noise-making vessel that makes the surrounding environment unpleasant. Instead let us be that pleasant voice that people crave to hear.

Let people speak about how smart and intelligent you are, not you being the one who keeps on boasting about yourself. As spirituality says, “Silence is bliss“, once we experience it, we tend to avoid being the unnecessary noise. Set your aim high and challenge yourself and just keep moving in silence.

There are plenty of great individuals who have lived on this land and left their footprints, just explore about those people and learn new lessons from their life instead of wasting your precious time advertising your intelligence. If you are intelligent, you own it and make use of it to grow as an individual and also help others to grow too.