Are You a Thanks Seeker

The greatest human quality is to give. Give care, love, support, and things too. As I said in one of my previous articles you get what you give. What goes around, comes around. Saying thanks is a great gesture to be grateful but what about seeking thanks

We see two extreme groups of people. One is never grateful for people who helped them the other keeps advertising things they have done to others. Here I choose to write about the second group.

Few people always keep a list of things they have given to others and how the other person didn’t thank them for their help. The question here is, Is it worth to get disappointed for someone else is not grateful or to be peaceful for lending a helping hand?

When I asked this question to few people around me there were several answers. I am sharing most mentioned 3 answers here, you can connect to the one you feel is appropriate.

The Three perspectives!

Yes, it’s normal to expect, right? We are humans it’s ok to expect and get hurt, when people don’t thank you for the good things we have done for them.

There are many paths available, choose which gives you peace.

Second, you can never answer this unless you put yourself in someone else shoes. It’s subjective and you can not generalize these things.

Third, I do help and forget. Yes, you read it correctly, forget. I don’t carry the baggage of being a great person or a hero-type image. I do my part that’s it. This particular statement was something different than usual.

With whom does your thought connect the most? There is no right or wrong, here it’s all about how you see things and what are the things that matter to you the most.

What I realized is, when you think you are not being thanked, your intention to help others could be questioned. I know many of you may disagree with this, but this is what I feel. Was it for just the word ” thanks” you helped or it was just the feeling you have at that particular point of time to give something?

Give and Forget

Never count what you gave. There exists an invisible account to keep track of your giving and good deeds. So never burden yourself and lose your peace for not getting credit for what you gave.

Let our heart be like a bird, fly freely rather than prisoned in the cage of self-defeating thoughts.

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